Ascension Cemetery - Garden Crypt Complex Expansion

Libertyville, Illinois

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Project Description


Mekus Tanager worked with Ascension Cemetery to design an expansion garden crypt complex to an original project designed by Mekus Tanager. The new expansion is designed to compliment and enhance the design and materials of the original project, while adding burial inventory and a new committal chapel for memorial services. The committal chapel is located on a primary axis of the existing garden crypt complex, which provides a view into the original courtyard showcasing a statue of Jesus. The opposite axial view into the committal chapel from the original courtyard showcases the artwork by Inspired Artisans in the new committal chapel. The committal chapel’s roof is a tinted skylight, providing shelter from inclement weather while brightening the chapel with natural light. Between the original project and the expansion, there are courtyards with planter beds, benches for reflection, and boxes to hold flowers and memoirs from loved ones. Internment inventory in the new expansion includes tandem depth wall crypts, oversized crypts, single niches, and companion niches. There is also a storage room to hold a casket lift as well as spare granite fronts.


The new garden crypt complex expansion and the original complex have a modern design, and are designed to last as long as possible and to minimize maintenance. The buildings were constructed using pre-cast concrete panels, crypts, and niches, and granite fronts were used on the crypts and niches.


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