Montelena Complejo Funerario

La Libertad, San Salvador, El Salvador

  • Montelena Complejo Funerario Gazebo and Semi Private Estates
  • Montelena Complejo Funerario Garden Mausoleum Buildings
  • Montelena Complejo Funerario Pavillion and Garden Mausoleum Buildings
  • Montelena Complejo Funerario Master Plan Scheme 1
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  • Montelena Complejo Funerario Master Plan Scheme 3
  • Master Plan Scheme 1
  • Master Plan Scheme 2
  • Master Plan Scheme 3

Project Description


Mekus tanager assisted Montelena Complejo Funerario with developing a master plan for 8.1 hectares adjacent to the existing cemetery.  The primary objectives for the master plan were to:


  • Develop new inventory types beyond the current full body and cremated remains burials.
  • Develop the expansion to be cohesive with the existing cemetery.
  • Evaluate the existing facilities for their long-term sustainability.
  • Proposed new buildings and structures such as an outdoor chapel, garden crypt buildings, and columbarium units.


The first goal was to develop new burial inventory types.  Mekus Tanager developed a new variety of burial inventory options for the cemetery that will provide a greater mixture of pricing and burial options.


The second goal was to provide a cohesive master plan design that blended with the existing cemetery.  The expansion area is connected to the existing cemetery at a circus which creates a strong focal point on the formal axis of the existing cemetery.  This axis is extended as the main organization and focus for section development in the expansion.  At major intersections, new feature areas are introduced to reinforce the axial formality.


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