Niche Building Collection

Columba Niche Building

  • Columba Niche Building Exterior Birds Eye Perspective
  • Columba Niche Building Interior Perspective
  • Columba Niche Building Exterior Elevation
  • Columba Niche Building Floorplan Alt 01
  • Columba Niche Building Floorplan Alt 02

Pavo Niche Building

  • Pavo Niche Building Exterior Perspective
  • Pavo Niche Building Interior Perspective
  • Pavo Niche Building Interior Perspective
  • Pavo Niche Building Exterior Elevation
  • Pavo Niche Building Phase 1
  • Pavo Niche Building Phase 2
  • Phase 1
  • Phase 2

Carina Niche Building

  • Carina Niche Building Exterior Perspective
  • Carina Niche Building Exterior with Columbarium Walls
  • Carina Niche Building Interior Enclosed Building
  • Carina Niche Building Interior Open Air Option
  • Carina Niche Building Elevation with Niche Columns
  • Carina Niche Building Elevation without Columbarium Columns
  • Carina Niche Building Open Air Option with Columbarium Columns
  • Carina Niche Building Open Air Option no Columbarium Columns
  • Interior of the enclosed Carina Niche Building
  • Interior view of the open air version of the Carina Niche Building
  • Enclosed Carina Niche Building with columbarium columns
  • Enclosed Carina Niche Building without columbarium columns
  • Open-air Carina Niche Building with columbarium columns
  • Open-air Carina Niche Building without columbarium columns

Sagitta Niche Building

  • Sagitta Niche Building Exterior Perspective
  • Sagitta Niche Building Interior Perspective View
  • Sagitta Niche Building Curved Floorplan
  • Sagitta Niche Building Straight Floorplan
  • Sagitta Niche Building Elevation
  • Sagitta Niche Building Elevation with Sun Slats
  • Curved Floorplan Option
  • Straight Floorplan Option
  • Elevation of the Sagitta Niche Building with sun slats to help keep the building cool.

Vela Niche Building

  • Vela Niche Building Exterior Perspective
  • Vela Niche Building Interior Perspective
  • Vela Niche Building Elevation
  • Vela Niche Building Elevation with Columbarium Units
  • Vela Niche Building Phase 01
  • Vela Niche Building Phase 02
  • Vela Niche Building Phase 03
  • Vela Niche Building Phase 04
  • Exterior of the Vela Niche Building with columbarium units option
  • Phase 1 with Chapel Option
  • Phase 2 with Chapel Option
  • Phase 3 with Chapel Option
  • Phase 4 with Chapel Option and Columbarium Units

Project Description



In collaboration with Coldspring, Mekus Tanager designed a collection of new niche buildings that offer the cemeterian a brand new building type.

5 New Building Types
In the new collection, there are five building types, each with their own unique style and set of options that will allow the cemeterian to customize each building and to help the new building support the desired aesthetic of the cemetery.

Unique Burial Inventory
The new buildings are designed to provide the cemetery with cremation inventory in a unique way.; each building is customizable to the cemeterians’ specific requirements with a variety of building options. These options could include the buildings within the new collection, building materials such as siding, flooring, or roofing, whether the building is an indoor or outdoor space, what type of columbariums and the shutter material, and other options that allow the cemeterian to maximize their own return on investment.

Building Footprint & Phasing
Land in a cemetery is valuable. To promote the best use of land and return on investment for the cemetery, the collection of niche buildings offers a variety of sizes ranging from footprints of 26’x25’ to 30’x94’. With a footprint as little as 650 sq.ft., cemeteries can add valuable cremation inventory, allowing cemeterians to capitalize on even the smallest available land area.

In addition to their small footprints, each building type within the series is designed to be phase-able, allowing the cemeterian to add inventory as needed or to allow the building to fit within the cemetery’s budget. Furthermore, because the buildings come with so many options, the cemeterian is allowed to add the right kind of inventory that sells in future phases of the building.

Each building also comes with areas to add unique artwork, allowing the cemeterian to make each building unique to the cemetery and to have the building support and reflect the religion, region, or culture of the cemetery.

The buildings are currently in their final stages of development with Coldspring, and will be offered to cemeterians soon!



Quick Facts


  • Client: Coldspring
  • Services Performed: Architecture, Interior Design
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