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"Store image is widely accepted as a main factor in consumer decisions."

                                                                                -Simon J. Bell


The three-dimensional design of a retail environment plays a significant role in creating consumer appeal because the design shapes the customer’s experience and differentiates a retailer from their competitors.  The image of a retail location is so important because consumers rely on a store’s image to tell them about the quality and value of the goods and services sold, especially since the actual merchandise of competitive retailers is often perceived as similar and is no longer the distinguishing feature between them. Research has found that positive feelings about a shopping area were associated with an increase in consumers’ willingness to shop in that area, and an appealing environment was more likely to attract customers.


Moreover the amount of time a customer spends in a store depends on how comfortable they are there, and an aesthetic store design will make people feel comfortable to stay and pay more attention to your inventory because consumers unconsciously tend to search for environments that create a positive, inviting mood. These positive environments have also led to increased consumer loyalty and continued patronage, increasing any store’s success.


Since most consumers’ buying decisions are made at the point of sale, creative and effectively designed retail environments play an essential role in bolstering a store’s earnings and maximizing your Return on Investment. Aside from creating a positive environment that attracts and retains consumers, a well designed retail environment incorporates effective and organized space-planning, in order to optimize the amount of merchandise displayed on a limited floor space. Research has found that a store without an organized theme will be automatically associated with a “cheap-items shop”, and will not be able to drive high-margin sales for brand products, whereas well-designed, client-specific retail environments however are a safe investment to boost profits and market share in a competitive market.



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