Client Testimonials

Here are some of the things our clients have to say about Mekus Tanager!


  • "My experience with Mekus Tanager has been consistently excellent.  The
    principals stay involved from the beginning to the end.  Whatever is needed,
    make happen in a timely and quality way.  The reality is that talent and
    isn't enough these days.  A firm has to be creative, problem solving,
    dependable, and committed.  I recommend Mekus Tanager because
    I know that
    they will always live up to these high standards and they 'get it'!"

  • "Mekus Tanager's quality of work, communication, and responsiveness 'set a
    for other architectural firms to achieve."

  • "Mekus Tanager's design team were delightful to work with because of their
    professionalism, responsiveness, insight, and appreciation of the client's needs
    and desires.  The results 
    have been enormously satisfying both at the time and
    on an ongoing basis."

  • "The Mekus Tanager team is easy to work with.  They are good listeners, flexible,
    helpful in conceptualizing and helping define the project goals and solutions
    upon the realities of the client requirements and budget."

  • "As the client often has an appetite for more design than the budget will
    Mekus Tanager responds nimbly and can 'dial it up or dial it
    down' to find a successful
    solution that is appropriate and works."

  • "The Mekus Tanager team has been very responsive and attentive to our needs.  
    with Mekus Tanager has been great overall.  I've been hearing a lot of
    compliments from
    the end-users about the new space."

  • "We have an amazing new design that will save us $2.5 Million in facilities costs

  • "We have high expectations of our design teams and leaders.  As we stated
    during our
    very first meeting, our goal is to hire the best A/E teams and leaders
    possible.  We think
    that the outcome at Rock Island National Cemetery is proof
    that we did."

  • "The project was planned, designed, and constructed on schedule and within
    budget, and
    the program objectives and scope have been well met.  This
    success is in large part due
    to the excellent work and high level of service
    provided by your team."

  • "The workplace is beautifully constructed and is a model for how other campuses
    be as well...I thought the furniture and the look of the 8th floor Chicago
    office was GREAT!  
    It completely reflects the spirit of this company, and EVERY
    facility should be upgraded to
    this newer look and feel!"

  • "What has been accomplished is impressive.  The addition is a remarkably
    interpretation of context, which does much to unify the facility,
    existing and new, and to
    embed it quite firmly in its immediate neighborhood
    ...Our committee and entire Board
    of Governors have intense pride [in the
    project].  It really works, it's rigorously functional."

  • "I have high expectations for Mekus Tanager and they consistently meet or
    them.  The creative design options they provide take our requirements
    into account
    and bring them to a higher level than we could accomplish on
    our own."

  • "Everyone loves the building.  We are finding that employees that work on the
    same floor
    are collaborating more frequently...We showcased the building to
    [our] Board a couple of
    weeks ago.  We received very positive feedback from
    the Board members."

  • "I just wanted to commend you and your team on the new building.  
    It is absolutely beautiful!"

  • "Our Suite looks beautiful; you really did an outstanding job.  And, you and your
    staff have
    been extremely accommodating and supportive...You guys have
    made this transition so
    much easier on us."

  • "There are two or three people that I have worked with in my career that are
    able to
    really work with the government and understand their issues, needs,
    and processes. Roger Hastings is one of those people."

  • "I have really enjoyed working with Chris [Mekus].  He's upbeat, honest, and a
    communicator.  Chris and the team have been easy to work with, flexible,
    and adaptable.  
    They not only listen, but they really 'hear' our concerns.  The
    master plan and schematic
    design were done very well.  The plan makes sense
    and there is a good flow of spaces.  
    It's a good, solid beginning."

  • "Looking back, I think that was the best exhibition in the history of the
    Hammerman Gallery,
    and we received many awards to recognize that.  It
    had a huge impact on the field, and
    several art museums across the country
    created interactive exhibitions in its wake -
    it created a trend!...You had all
    these wonderful forward thinking ideas that transormed
    ideas about art into
    an accessible language for visitors of all ages."



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Mekus Tanager is a planning and design firm. Since 1984, Mekus Tanager has been helping our clients turn their buildings and spaces into well-designed strategic assets that maximize aesthetic beauty, function and purpose, and return on investment. We are committed to listening to and working with our clients as a true partner throughout the design process.


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