Motorola Mobility Experience Center

Libertyville, Illinois

  • Motorola Mobility Experience Center
  • Motorola Mobility Experience Center
  • Motorola Mobility Experience Center
  • Motorola Mobility Experience Center
  • Motorola Mobility Experience Center
  • Motorola Mobility Experience Center

Project Description


Motorola Mobility wanted to create an immersive, truly collaborative center to show their clients, visitors, and employees how Motorola products could be utilized to enrich people’s lives and also how their products could apply to many various settings including: living rooms, kitchens, offices, and airplanes/trains. The main design challenges for the Experience Center were two-fold: 1) How do you design a space to accommodate and be flexible enough for showcasing current Motorola Mobility products and future products not yet developed? 2) How do you create a space that is wide-open and highly visible to all Motorola employees yet also private enough for confidential presentations and showcasing?


To address the first main design challenge, Mekus Tanager devised a solution in which the space became a flexible environment in which many of the items and fixtures could be continuously changed and adapted to new products or to the products Motorola wished to display. The second main challenge was solved by enclosing the Experience Center with a glass partitioning wall that could switch from completely transparent to completely opaque. This allowed the room to be visible from the outside by employees and visitors at all times except when confidentiality was needed.


In keeping with the spirit of cutting edge technology, the 2,400 S/F space was designed with a modern yet elegant theme that reflects Motorola Mobility’s corporate identity. In addition to the different showcase / demonstration areas and the interchangeable components allowing for reconfiguration to demonstrate different products, the Experience Center also includes a control room with IT racks, and a lab with work areas and work benches.


Overall, the space has been a huge success in cohesively demonstrating Motorola Mobility’s products in a variety of environments, and the space’s ability to re-configure based on the products will allow Motorola Mobility to showcase its products well into the future to its employees, visitors, and clients. The space was so successful in demonstrating Motorola Mobility products that there were plans to reproduce the concept in other Motorola Mobility facilities.


Quick Facts


  • Client: Motorola Mobility
  • Project Size: 2,400 S/F
  • Services Performed: Interior Design, Branding
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