Why Design Matters

  • Motorola Solutions mobilezone.Chicago Corporate Interior
  • Motorola Solutions mobilezone.Chicago Corporate Interior
  • Chamberlain Innovation and Design Center Reception
  • Milestone AV Technologies Global Headquarters & Design Center Employee Break Area
  • Milestone AV Technologies Global Headquarters and Design Center Collaboration Area
  • GSA Public Buildings Service Government Office Interior
  • University of Chicago South Campus Residence Hall Commons Area

Businesses often invest capital in areas such as employee education and job training, employee benefits programs, new software, hardware, etc.  An area that is often overlooked however is the design of space, and how an innovative approach to space planning and design can yield substantial benefits and increase a space's return on investment..


Beyond the aesthetic advantages, good design can produce efficiencies such as: reducing real-estate space needs and thus costs, improving employee efficiency and productivity, attracting new talent and retaining valued employees, supporting brand and cultural identities, and improving overall employee behavior.


Furthermore, consumer's in today's markets often choose services and brands based on image.  For most consumers, the image a company presents is directly related to the value and quality of the product or service they sell.  Positive environments have also been found to increase consumer loyalty and continued patronage.  Because the three-dimensional environment in which people work and interact plays such a significant role for both employees and consumers, investing in good design is a necessary investment for any successful business.


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