Funeral Homes & Crematories

  • Chapel Lawn Memorial Gardens and Funeral Home Exterior
  • Chapel Lawn Memorial Gardens Funeral Home Chapel
  • Mt Elliot Resurrection Crematory
  • Chapel Lawn Memorial Gardens Funeral Home in Schererville, IN.
  • View of the Chapel inside the Chapel Lawn Memorial Gardens Funeral Home in Schererville, IN.
  • The crematory and niche complex at Resurrection Cemetery in Clinton Township, MI. Resurrection Cemetery is part of the Mt. Elliott Cemetery Association.



Funeral homes play an important role in the cemetery and funeral industry.  Often the place of transition between death and interment, funeral homes are responsible for not only preparing the body for interment but to also provide visitation services and a place of comfort for family and friends.  Because of the varying demands from family members and the other support functions they must perform, funeral homes increasingly need to be adaptable spaces where one room can serve multiple functions depending on need.  Additionally, the rising trend of cremation has placed demand on funeral homes to offer several different types of services for the deceased.  With the rising trend, many funeral homes are either contracting with individual crematories or adding cremation equipment to their existing facilities in order to serve clients who choose cremation.


Mekus Tanager has experience in funeral home design.  Whether the funeral home is a stand-alone building or part of an administration complex, Mekus Tanager can design the facility to accommodate any needs or combination of spaces, including: reception areas, chapels or service halls, family rooms, arrangement rooms, lounges, conference rooms, administrative office areas or sales offices, body preparation rooms, crematoriums and supporting spaces, or any other need that the funeral home has.  Mekus Tanager also specializes in designing buildings for phased construction and expansion opportunities, so that a funeral home and/or crematory can be expanded as needs arise or trends change.  Whatever your goals and needs are related to funeral homes and/or crematories, Mekus Tanager can assist in any phase of the project.


Project Examples

Chapel Lawn Memorial Gardens Funeral Home
Mt. Sinai Cemetery
Resurrection Cemetery - Mt. Elliot Cemetery Association



Cemetery Elements & Project Types


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