Queen of Heaven Cemetery - Crucifixion Garden Columbaria

Hillside, Illinois

  • Queen of Heaven Crucifixion Garden Columbariums
  • Queen of Heaven Crucifixion Garden Columbaria
  • Queen of Heaven Crucifixion Garden Columbariums

Project Description



With the rise in cremation, one way cemeterians have adapted is to add columbaria to mausoleums and garden crypt complexes that were designed before cremation was popular.


Completed in 2006, Mekus Tanager designed this columbarium addition within an existing garden crypt complex. Sited in a garden area of the complex, the new columbarium add 1,344 niches. To help reinforce the cemetery’s Catholic identity, a stainless steel cross was added to the complex’s entrance to accent and complement both the existing complex and the new garden columbaria.


Materials for the columbaria were chosen to complement and reflect the materials used in the original complex, and the height of the columbaria was kept intentionally low so as not to disrupt the character and views from the original garden crypt buildings.



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