St Joseph Cemetery

Crucifixion Garden Crypts & Niches

River Grove, Illinois

  • St Joseph Cemetery Cross Feature
  • St Joseph Cemetery Crypt Building Skylight
  • St Joseph Cemetery Mosaic Niches
  • St Joseph Cemetery Mosaic Niches
  • St Joseph Cemetery Mosaic Niches
  • St Joseph Cemetery Columbarium
  • St Joseph Cemetery Expansion Garden Crypt Buildings
  • St Joseph Cemetery Expansion Feature
  • Expansion Columbariums
  • Expansion Garden Crypt Buildings
  • Expansion Feature

Project Description


In 1996, Mekus Tanager designed an expansion garden crypt and niche complex to an original garden crypt complex at St. Joseph Cemetery, adding 2,800 garden crypts and 1,200 niches by expanding into a parking area. To connect the old and new buildings, a skylight was added which allows for ample amounts of natural light to permeate the spaces. Additionally, all materials used in the construction of the expansion were chosen to aesthetically match the existing complex, aiding in design cohesiveness.


In 2008, Mekus Tanager designed a new development within the expansion complex which served as a land conservation measure. Designed within the 1996 expansion’s courtyards, 492 crypts and 784 niches were added to allow the cemetery to continue interments for years to come. Like the 1996 expansion project, the design and materials selected for the new development were chosen to match and compliment the existing complex.


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