Mound Cemetery

Racine, Wisconsin

  • Mound Cemetery Garden Mausoleum Buildings and Fountain
  • Mound Cemetery Garden Mausoleum Buildings
  • Mound Cemetery Garden Mausoleum Crypt Fronts

Project Description


Mekus Tanager designed an addition to Racine's historic Mound Cemetery.  The new garden crypt buildings are the first construction at the cemetery since the original buildings were built in 1952.  The new compelx will provide much needed inventory to Racine's historic city cemetery, which had run out of space for new burials.  In total, the project provides the cemetery with an additional inventory of 440 crypts and 480 niches.


The new buildings were designed to complement the character of the historic architecture with which they would be adjacent to.  An important part of the project was also the restoration of a historic water fountain, which is located at the focal point of the complex.


Quick Facts