Influence of Design: Holy Sepulchre Cemetery

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Mekus Tanager, Inc. is pleased to announce the completion of Phase 1 of a new committal shelter and garden crypt complex in Holy Sepulchre Cemetery, located in Alsip, Illinois.  Designed to stylistically compliment an existing garden crypt complex across the lawn, the new Mausoleum of the Archangels Extension  is split into two levels; an upper level featuring private areas solely for niches, and a lower level featuring crypts, an outdoor committal shelter, and sculpture garden.  The crypts were designed to be only 5 or 6 units high, instead of the standard 7, to provide a more human scale to the crypt buildings.

Mekus Tanager developed the project for three phases of completion to accommodate future growth.  The photos and plans shown in this newsletter show only the first phase, which adds inventory of 1,100 crypts and 1,200 niches.  Once all phases are completed the project will add 3,600 crypts and 2,400 niches to the inventory of Holy Sepulchre Cemetery.


Be sure to check out our video on Holy Sepulchre Cemetery's Mausoleum of the Archangels Extension!